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Brand Manager



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Published Date

Sept 25, 2020

About the Role

We're looking for someone to begin building out the Lead5 sales processes. As the client roster continues to grow, there are opportunities for Lead5 to create a more focused approach to how we attract new clients and continue to serve our current clients. 

This is a contract role and the compensation for this role will be commission only for Q4 2020. Based of the success of this role and the overall growth of Lead5, this role is expected to transition to full-time employment with base+commission compensation structure in Q1 2021. 

This role would work closely with the Owner and the Brand Ambassador to develop and implement sales related goals and targets. This could include developing proposals, managing the CRM, attending networking engagements both with and exclusive of the Owner and Brand Ambassador, identifying our ideal client model for each pillar of Lead5, etc. 

**We are working on a collaboration with other Calgary small businesses to provide additional income-generating opportunities for this role, and creating opportunities to drive growth for multiple Calgary brands.**

Desired Skill Set

  • Helping to set and meet sales goals

  • Sell to Client Needs

  • Sales Planning

  • Building Relationships - with new and current clients

  • Coaching on Sales Process

  • Management of Sales Funnel 

  • Market Knowledge + Market Research

Above all of the desired experience, an alignment with the Lead5 values will be a key factor in determining the successful candidate. 

  • Always growing

  • Never settle

  • Leave it better than you found it

  • Respect the space you take

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