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chasing purpose...and finding it!

I’ve been trying to post this since 9am. Nearly 12-hours later I’m once again reflecting on a week of incredible exchanges.

Reconnections, new connections, nurturing connections. Back-to-back meetings, new projects, finished projects, working in parks, strategizing with post-its on light posts.

I’ve fought imposter syndrome, missed connections, and lack of execution. I’ve messed up, been less than impeccable with my words, and learned hard lessons.

At the end of the day I can still say I’m existing in alignment with my purpose - more than any other week in memory. And that’s cause to celebrate.

The Lead5 Group will be off until Tuesday, catching up on some much needed screen-free rest and relaxation.

To all of our family, friends, colleagues, clients, and those we have yet to meet - wishing you a clear path to your life’s purpose (an an exceptionally lovely long weekend.)


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