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Unlimited Paid Time Off - Don't let your pros be cons.

I friggin' love my clients.

I was working with a client on revising an employment contract. We had the screen shared on Zoom and had worked our way to the "VACATION ENTITLEMENTS" clause.

I started going through the "Alberta Employment Standards dictates that..." then stopped.

I'd been waiting for this moment for too long.

"Hey J. Why don't we remove this section and add in an Unlimited Time Off Policy?"

Didn't skip a beat.

"Sure, Tammy! That sounds great."

We walked through the logistics, wrote the policy to empower the A+ team members already in play, crossed our t's, dotted our i's and move along.

THESE are my goals with every client:

  • Developing a strong, unshakable trust in their team (and trust from their team to them)

  • Writing policies + programs to empower

  • Removing the risk + worry of "won't they take advantage of this?" or "we won't be able to afford that".

Unlimited Paid Time off isn't for everyone, and it doesn't remove your duties as an employer to track these days.

However switching to a trust + deliverable based working relationship means you can empower your team in new and awesome ways.

The pros + cons of implementing this policy overlap so significantly that it can be hard to answer "is this a pro or a con?" It all comes down to company culture and the trust you have in your team. Aron Ain, the CEO of Kronos has a great write-up on Kronos' experience transitioning to unlimited paid time

Don't think an unlimited paid time off policy is right for you? Let's start with trust.

Do you think you're ready to make the shift? Let's get shifting!

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