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Team Training:

focus on driving alignment, creating operational excellence, and fostering an ownership mindset for your team

Effective Goal Setting
Lead5 will work with the team on a one-on-one basis, along with the team managers, to create strong goal-setting and accountability habits. These are collaborative, self-directed coaching sessions to drive personal growth and accountability.


(This module is most effective when scheduled 2-4 times per year.)

Personal Values Workshop

This workshop + accompanying exercises will help to identify each team member's personal values, value detractors, and how to communicate these values in their day-to-day to create meaningful and impactful work experiences. 

Resiliency + Emotional Intelligence

The prerequisite for this module is the Personal Values Workshop.


This workshop + exercises will take a look at personal values to develop a "Personal Best Practices" one-pager to promote habits of resiliency. We further challenge each team member to respond empathetically in their work and personal experiences. 

Personal Effectiveness
This module focuses on the Personal Effectiveness Audit. After completing the audit, the workshop will help to identify areas of opportunity to improve habits - big and small - in your role. We'll also cover effective prioritization and workload management.

(This module is great for high-volume, high-performing teams.)

Behavioral Assessment + Team Culture
After completing a comprehensive behavioral assessment, the workshop will bring the team together for valuable insights to unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration.

Understanding Your WHY
Inspired by Simon Sinek's book Start with Why, this workshop will help identify the WHY for each team member.

The Leadership Challenge (2-Part Module)
The prerequisite for this module is the Personal Values Workshop.


This two-part module will introduce the concepts around each leadership behaviours, then drive commitments for servant-hearted leadership.

Level-5 Leadership: Trust / Conflict / Communication / Servant Hearted Leaders

Each of the Level-5 Leadership modules provide tools to your team to drive results, create strong and effective leadership behaviours, grow emotional intelligence, and to positively challenge themselves and others.

(For the full suite of Lead5 Leadership Coaching check out the Boss Camp course.)

Hours Per Module: 2.5


Cost Per Module: $250 + GST (includes all costs associated to training)

(Team Training is eligible for reimbursement under the Alberta-Canada Job Grant for any training program that includes a minimum of 9-modules. Upon course completion, each eligible participant's fees are reimbursed to the employer at a rate of 2/3.)

One-on-one training will be billed at $135/hour or less

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