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not in service to industry,

rather in service to community.

Every exchange of Lead5:Group is filtered through our Values. These guide the internal + external measure of who we are. Our service offerings, tackling challenges, and growing our team. We align with our Values so we can execute on our mission of serving our communities.

blackboard values.png

never settle

always push for best, then keep pushing

always growing

embrace the passion for learning to drive a passion for growth

leave it better

every candidate.

every client.

every project.

leave it better than when we first encountered it.

respect the space you take

if you ask someone to listen, speak impeccably + with compassion

Tammy Amstutz

Owner / People Guru

My all-encompassing passion for people has left me humbled by the amazing journey it's taken me on, and has cemented my purpose in life to serve community and contribute around me. From the beginning of my career executive assisting, to a touring (professional!) musician, bartender, accounting clerk, I eventually found my way to People & Culture, and I've never looked back (although I'm still quite sure there's a way to blend back-stage green-rooms and employee experiences.)

Second only to my purpose to contribute is a desire to create. While I previously created music and art and experience, I now find the same excitement for creation in every handbook, policy or process. 


I truly thrive when creating engaging programs that move teams, and when working with small business owners who care about their people and their communities.


With the inception of Lead5:Group in 2019 (at its creation, "Lead5:Strategies") I've had the opportunity to get in-depth with the small business ecosystem in Calgary, including serving as an executive member on community boards, and helping to bring best people-practices to Calgary small business.

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