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Lead5: Not a service to industry, but to community

When I started Lead5, I had no idea where things were going to go. I thought this was a project to "keep me busy during maternity leave".

I couldn't have been more wrong (you don't need ANYTHING to keep you busy on maternity leave.)

Starting a business isn't something that "keeps you busy". It's takes every last minute out of your day, and every bit of energy you have to spare.

Over the last 11-months I've loved every minute of it.

Did I know what I was doing?


I didn't know what to do for pricing models, hourly rates, retainer fees, accounting name it. Any experience I'd gained up until that point didn't seem to apply when it came to how I wanted to create a business that truly served my clients.

Did I love what I was doing?

Yes...and then COVID.

Like the rest of the world, COVID gave me a reason to slow down and reflect, followed by an opportunity to pivot. After a commitment to provide advisory services to small businesses free of charge during COVID, I acquired a number of my current clients. It was exciting to be in a position where everything was as new for me as things were for every new relationship I was forging.

With that pivot and new approach I saw an exciting new support emerging for small businesses - facilitating the development of, and execution on, their small business mission, values and key growth accountabilities.

Now more than ever I was being asked:

" do what?"
  • "Oh! You're a recruiter!"

  • "Got it - you're an advisor."

  • "You're like...HR, right?"

  • "Are you a business coach?"

I came to the realization that all the above were true. I wasn't offering strategy support for people programs. I was offering a group of services to support and enhance the lives and businesses of small business owners.

Today I'm officially launching the next iteration of my small business support, and could not be more excited to officially announce Lead5:Group, offering a full suite of services to support small business.

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